Arboretum Music Festival de Musique 2016



SubPop's world-crushing punk titans
Concert Village - Main Stage
Fri.Aug.19 / 22:00

Dilly Dally

Toronto's blogosphere melting grunge-revivalists
Babylon Nightclub - Buzz Records Showcase
Thu.Aug.18 / 23:30

Mykki Blanco

The illuminati prince/ss of rap
Concert Village - Main Stage
Sat.Aug.20 / 20:45


Wolf Parade's Dan Broekner goes post-punk
Concert Village - Main Stage
Sat.Aug.20 / 22:00

Tim Hecker

Globally-acclaimed experimental sound artist
St. Alban's Church
Thu.Aug.19 / 21h30


CanCon icons perform their seminal album

Concert Village - Main Stage
Friday, August 19 / 20h30


Break-out NYC hiphop goddess
Concert Village - Main Stage
Sat.Aug.20 / 19h45

Moss Lime

Moss Lime


Post-punk/Art-pop (Montreal QC)

Moss Lime is a furtive tidal wave of immediacy and joy. Singer/Bassist Hélène Barbier offers dry and dadaist storytelling, floating over a minimalist backdrop provided by guitarist Charlotte Bonamour (both hailing from Northern France), along with drummer Caitlin Pinder-Doede and guitar shredder Jane L. Kasowicz. Crisscrossing vocal harmonies, playful instrumental volleys, and snack-obsessed lyrics have made them an underground favourite, and a staple of the emerging music festival circuit.





We’ll go ahead and say that this might be the most captivating band writing/performing in Ottawa/Gatineau right now. Musically, almost peerless, featuring screeching sax and razor-sharp drumming. On top of it all, a barreling voice exploding Dadaist poetry through delays and distortions. Our pick for your most memorable show of ARB2016.

Kindred spirits: Jesus Lizard, Ornette Coleman, Tortoise, like a Robert Charlebois played backwards, sped-up, at deafening volume through a melting speaker cone.

Jef E. Barbara's Black Space

Jef E. Barbara's Black Space


Jef E. Barbara's Black Space 
Art-Glam/R&B (Montreal QC)

Jef Elise Barbara can’t say no to you. An elusive, underground superstar that wants wild boys, strobe lights, and the heat of love. Glam guitar, smothers tape-hiss drums and reverb-drenched vocals, longing for the night to go on and on and on and on. 

Kindred spirits: Roxy Music, Blood Orange, Prince, Teddy Pendergrass, Ariel Pink, mysterious lipstick smeared all over your tighty-whities.

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