Arboretum Arts Festival Media Art 2013


Keeping with last year, we are thrilled to announce a curated selection of VJ’s, Video & Media artists as part of our 2013 line-up. You’ll see their work projected after dark, accompanying our music headliners, and around the festival grounds.


VJ INA / Zara Ansar (OTT)
Zara Ansar is an Ottawa-born artist/videographer with a love for repetitive patterns and bright colours. She enjoys taking photos of lovely people (mostly with their bikes), filming strange music videos, and being a VJ at various parties in Ottawa. She loves wearing costumes and being strange.

Osbourne Oddities / Phil Osborne (OTT)
Phil Osborne started making art and drawing his own comics at the early age of 8. He grew up collecting TOPPS trading cards, THRASHER and MAD magazines. His retro style of animation and toy making often have echoes of the wacky cartoon culture of his past .There is no work here, only play !

Jennifer Stewart (Gatineau QC)
Jennifer Stewart is a photo-based artist living in Ottawa-Gatineau. She uses film to document her fleeting thoughts. Working with teens on the autism spectrum informs her work on a psychological level. Her audience plays an integral role in creation. Exploration through interactivity and collaboration bring the work to new places.

Chocobeets (Montreal QC)
CHOCOBEETS is the project in which Caroline Blais shares her colourful, organic and playful universe through handcrafted video loops. She’s been inviting people to experience her work in many artist run centres, festivals and parties in Quebec, Canada and Europe, since 2008.

CHOCOBEETS est le projet à travers lequel Caroline Blais partage son univers graphique coloré et ludique. Elle s’amuse à créer des loops en bricolage, avec des matériaux tout à fait ordinaires auxquels elle confère des propriétés magiques en les animant à l’écran. Depuis 2008, elle invite le public à faire l’expérience de son travail dans plusieurs centres d’artistes, soirées et festivals au Québec, au Canada et en Europe.

Maayke Schuurer (OTT)
New to Ottawa, Maayke Schurer has completed an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art after receiving degrees in both fine art as well as biology at Queen’s University. Because she believes that greater value is placed on that which has been processed through another human than on truth alone, she has been developing magic realistic films in real-time with such simple materials as smoke, water and light and without digital manipulation.

CHANTECLAIR / Katie Kotler
Katie Kotler is a Toronto-based video artist, musician and writer. She will begin an MFA at OCAD U in digital art this fall and has recently released her first album, “DANCE MADNESS,” which Silent Shout voted Best of May 2013.

Stefan Thompson (Wakefield QC)
“Stefan Thompson, an artist from Ottawa, Ontario, received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Carleton University while working with the medium of graffiti. Along the way he realized that the paint he was using was toxic. So in 2007 he phased out his conventional art supplies for ecofriendly and homemade alternatives. He now uses Earth paints and recycled materials to make his works.” – Art & Science Journal

VJ DAISY / Kerry Campbell (Gatineau QC)
VJ.Daisy manipulates moving images that are infused with live footage and feedback loops, resulting in a live multimedia performance that uniquely interprets events. VJ.Daisy is the resident VJ at the monthly party Timekode and has an audio/visual band called raas. You can see her work at www.youtube.com/vjdaisy and www.vimeo.com/vjdaisy .

Mahmud Naqi (OTT)
M.N. has been doing improvised video mixing for 3 years with musicians such as U.S. Girls, The Riderless, Slim Twig, David Jackson, Adam Saikley & Olenka and the Autumn Lovers. Using original footage, ephemera and experimental films from across the globe, MN tries to create new images and unexpected juxtapositions.

Maya Hum (OTT)
Originally from the Maritimes, Maya moved to Ottawa to study music and visual art. Maya’s art and illustration/design work has been featured in publications, campaigns and exhibitions across Canada and Europe. She is also an arts instructor for the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa School of Art.

Ed Folger
A polymath bio: starting as a student of physics at Columbia University, Folger switched to literature and became a poet while also experimenting with still photography; film became his medium and then video (circa 1978); when personal computers emerged, he applied computer technology to video art; and finally has become an avatar and works in high virtuality.

Jamie Johnston
James Johnston, better known as Jamie Janx, is an international award winning imaging professional with an in-depth artistic and technical knowledge in both traditional and digital photography. His intricately crafted images explore a wide range of styles, which successfully combines imagination and knowledge.